Charcuterie and cheese menu

Charcuterie and cheese

Any 3 charcuterie £7.50 with any 1 cheese 8.95
with any 2 cheeses 10.95
Any 4 charcuterie £9.50 with any 1 cheese 10.95
with any 2 cheeses 12.95
Any 3 cheese £6.00


Served with Manzanilla and black Hojiblanca olives, pickled guindillas, sourdough bread and oil

Montanegra Ibérico FULL £9.50 Carved from the bone. A premium Spanish ham from the Black Ibérian pig breed in Extremadura in the Southwest of Spain. Protected under Spain’s strict Denomination of Origin. The Record Café speciality Montanegra Ibérico Morcon FULL £6.50 Similar to Chorizo but larger in size, this cured smoked sausage is creamier and more succulent than it's thinner brother. The larger meat cuts used from the Iberian black pig give each mouthful an intense flavor Montanegra Ibérico Salchichon FULL £6.50 Cured sausage made from Iberian pigs from Extremadura region in Western Spain. A delightfully nutty taste that comes from being raised on a diet of grass and acorns, and being allowed to roam free Cecina Nieto I.G.P FULL £7.50 Slowly dried and smoke-cured beef from the hind-quarters of mature cattle. Served with shavings of Manchego cheese and black truffle oil Manzanilla with black Hojiblanca olives, sourdough bread and oil Somalo Lomo FULL £6.50 A favorite among traditional Spanish delicacies. An air- dried fillet produced in Burgos from selected pigs. Soft and mild with savoury and woody notes Montanegra Ibérico Chorizo FULL £6.50 A soft, sweet and smooth traditional hand-filled Chorizo sausage. Crafted from acorn-fed pigs, creating a classic rich nutty flavour that you can only get from the Dehesas (pastures) of Spain


Served with Quince paste and sourdough bread

J. Aranburu Smoked Idiazabal FULL £5.00 A Basque cheese handmade with ‘Latxa’ sheep’s raw milk and natural rennet. To produce one kilo of Idiazabal cheese, seven litres of milk are needed Montbru Garrotxa FULL £5.00 Goat cheese made in Mas Montbru in the Moianes region of Catalunya. Intense, fresh and slightly citric falvour with a buttery texture and intense aroma. Villadiego Manchego D.O. Semi Cured FULL £5.00 Cured for over 90 days. Notes of dry pasture and toasted pistachios and creaminess on the palate. Winner of a gold medal at The World Cheese Awards 2011 Serramunt Blau Carpi FULL £5.00 A ‘rare’ semi-cured blue goat cheese from Catalunya made with pasturised milk. Very creamy, soft and elegant


Pan Con Tomate y Jamón £5.00 Toasted sourdough rubbed with cherry tomatoes, topped with hand sliced Montanegra Ibérico ham and olive oil Pan Con Tomate y Anchoa £5.00 Toasted sourdough rubbed with cherry tomatoes, topped with award winning Cantabrico anchovies and olive oil Pan Con Tomate y Manchego £5.00 Toasted sourdough rubbed with cherry tomatoes and topped with Villadiego Manchego D.O. Semi Cured Pan Con Tomate mixed £6.50 A portion each of Pan Con Tomate y Jamón, Tomate y Anchoa and Tomate y Manchego Montanegra Ibérico Lardo £3.95 Cured back fat from Iberian black pigs. Served on toasted sourdough with rosemary, grated lemon zest, cracked black pepper, chopped walnuts and a drizzle of olive oil Chocorizo £5.00 Melanie’s homemade chocolate ‘chorizo’ with chocolate, pistachio nuts, biscuit and marshmallow

Sherry 50ml / 100ml

Alvear Fino 2.50 / 4.75 Alvear Medium 3.90 / 5.50 Alvear PX 1927 4.00 / 7.50

Vermouth 50ml

Lacuesta Rojo 2.50


The Record Café was opened in November 2014 on Bradford’s North Parade as a record shop offering food and drink, specialising in vinyl, ale and ham. Bradford CAMRA Pub of the Season Autumn 2015 winners.


The Record Cafе 45-47 North Parade Bradford, BD1 3JH

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Monday to Thursday 11am to 11pm Friday to Saturday 11am to Midnight and Sunday Midday to 11pm

Record shop open until 6pm

Food served until 8pm

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