K Bay

Matthew E. White


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Light green transparent double vinyl with 8-page booklet, shared 2-page ‘letter’ and digital download card.

The first new solo material from Matthew E. White in six years.
Matthew E. White describes the album as a “love affair with music.” It’s a record thrillingly engaged with an eclectic range of contemporary and 20th Century popular music. The daring production mines and foregrounds long-simmering but previously veiled influences from the realms of hip-hop, electronic pop and dancehall but all filtered through White’s self- described outsider perspective.
‘K Bay’ is an homage to Kensington Bay, his home studio where he records his personal projects and is his sanctuary of creativity (White’s second studio, Spacebomb, is where he works on collaborative projects and has recorded and produced records by Foxygen, Natalie Prass and Flo Morrissey).
More than love, romance, or self-reliance, this is the animating ideal of ‘K Bay’ – that we can forever strive for something better, no matter how flawed or blessed we have already been. A decade ago, Matthew E. White made a classic beauty no one expected; on ‘K Bay’, he has made a masterpiece by harnessing what he’s learned from that community and life itself in entirely unexpected, electrifying, and reaffirming ways.

Genuine Hesitation
Take Your Time (And Find That Orange To Squeeze)
Let’s Ball
Fell Like An Ax
Only in America / When The Curtains of the Night are Peeled Back – feat. Joseph “JoJo” Clarke
Never Had It Better
Shine A Light For Me
Hedged In Darkness