I’m Alice EP

Augustin Bousfield


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Limited edition cassette with download

Gurgles keyboardist,singer and recent co-writer and co-producer of Saint Etienne’s brilliant recent album, I’ve Been Trying To Tell You; Augustin Bousfield releases this wonky synthpop EP about the unusual condition of Alice in Wonderland syndrome. Powered by a booming electro bass and New Order style plectrum bass hook.
“As a kid I used to get strange visual and perceptual distortions while awake in bed. My limbs and head appeared and felt to grow enormous or contract to a tiny size. I also got loads of sparkly TV snow fx when I tried to close my eyes. I thought it was just my daft brain but a few years ago I found out it is actually a thing. Never happens now though.”

Tracklisting: Augustin Bousfield – I’m Alice

Side A
A1. I’m Alice
A2. Make up Your Mind (You Will Never)
Side B
B1. Lover and a Fighter
B2. Ariane*