All These Things

DC Gore

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Black vinyl LP with 4-page lyric and image insert plus digital
download card.

Quick on the heels of the release of a string of acerbic art pop singles, DC Gore’s ‘All These Things’ is released via Domino.
Following the dissolution of south London trio Little Cub, Gore has remodelled and reimagined the band’s electronic synth-pop within his solo work to incorporate additional acoustic instrumentation which makes for a more textured and temperate sound. ‘All These Things’ expertly layers fantastically dystopian imagery against twinkling tapestries of electronics and propulsive beats. It’s a shift akin to the Pet Shop Boys’ development between ‘Introspective’ and ‘Behaviour’: from bright, dancefloor-focused pop to melancholic mini-symphonies.
As inspired by the unvarnished portraiture of Martin Parr as he is Ballardian grotesquerie – and by the seedy witticisms of Jarvis Cocker and arch art-pop commentary of Neil Tennant, Gore’s music sits proudly within a rich tradition of distinctively British disrupters. Skewering notions of national identity with a vivid mix of pin-sharp satire in an expansive palette of synthesising new wave art-rock, Gore effortlessly creates songs that are as ingeniously calculated as they are dance-inducing. Highlights include the propulsive, tragicomic ‘Nietzsche On The Beach’, the melancholic dancefloor-focused ‘California’ and ‘Bodies’ featuring plaintive piano chords and distorted guitar.


Millennium People
Nietzsche On The Beach
Need You Tonight
Set You Free
I Like You
All These Things