Welcome 2 Club XIII

Drive-By Truckers


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Standard Black 180g vinyl LP

‘Welcome 2 Club XIII’, Drive-By Truckers’s 14th studio album, marks a sharp departure from the trenchant political commentary of their last three records.
A reckoning with the dualities of the things that make you alive and how they sometimes can kill you. A life affirming flashlight for the dark nights of one’s soul.
The title track is a tongue in cheek homage to a local dive that founding members Cooley and Hood played in the early days. As they say in the song, “Our glory days did kinda suck.”


The Driver
Maria’s Awful Disclosure
Shake and Pine
We will never wake you in the morning
Welcome 2 Club XIII
Forged In Hell And Heaven Sent
Every Single Storied Flameout
Billy Ringo In The Dark Wilder Days