So, things have ramped up, and this is the current situation as of 1pm 18/3/20

Opening responsibly

As it stands, we are open as normal. However, we will more than likely be implementing reduced hours as of the next few days. Stay tuned to social media and the website for details.

It’s not been an easy decision on how to balance running the business whilst also considering the safety of our staff, customers and the wider public.

It is crucial for us, that if we are to remain open, we do so responsibly.

If you are in any way vulnerable or feeling any symptoms related to the virus, please stay away for the safety of others.

If you do come in, please understand we will be taking the following precautions:

  • Whilst we will continue to accept cash, we would much prefer contactless. We have dropped our £5 minimum
  • Please practice social distancing by keeping at least 1 metre apart
  • Please wash your hands. We have plenty of facilities here
  • Please bring glasses, plates etc back to the bar so we can avoid any unnecessary contact
  • We have ramped up our already rigorous cleaning routine and will wipe tables chairs etc when they’ve been used. This may slow down service, but please bear with us.

Takeouts and deliveries

We have always offered a 20% takeout discount on takeout bottles and cans, and now would seem the ideal time to take us up on that!

Current stock can be seen on the menu section of the website, or on untappd.

We are contemplating a delivery service, but again, bear with us whilst we work out the details of how it would work

The record shop

Don’t forget we are a record shop too! You can click and collect online, and we have a huge range in, and new releases still coming out every Friday.

As above, we are also working out a record delivery service, more details soon.


Whilst we already offer Record Café Tokens, we’re looking at ways to offer these electronically. Pay now and use once this has all blown over! Again, details to follow

Events and the quiz

As it stands all events, and the music quiz are on hold