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| Small Sharers | Served with toasted sourdough |

Cantabrico Anchovies

Hand-filleted salted anchovies in olive oil. Mild and creamy, a true delicacy 7.50


Hand-canned plump orange Galician mussels pickled in vinegar and paprika 6.50


Hand-prepared tender Cantabrian sardines in extra-virgin olive oil 5.50

Bonito Tuna

White tuna chunks from Northern Spain in olive oil 7.00

Fillets of Mackerel

Andalucian fillets in olive oil, mild and delicate 7.50


Steamed Galician cockles in water 9.00

La Chinata Crab Pate

Soft and delicate crab pate with a touch of extra virgin olive oil 4.50

Black Pudding Pate with Pine Kernels

Made with Spanish morcilla and toasted pine kernels (G) 4.50

Venison Pate with Pedro Ximenez

Made with Spanish venison and PX sherry (G) 4.50

Black Olive Tepenade

Tapenade enriched with extra-virgin olive oil for a full flavour (V) (G) 4.50

| Meat |

Served with Manzanilla and black Hojiblanca olives, pickled guindillas, sourdough bread and oil

Montanegra Ibérico Cebo Jamón

Carved from the bone. The Record Café specialty

Cecina Nieto I.G.P

Award winning slow-dried smoke-cured beef

Somalo Lomo Extra

Air-dried pork loin with smoked paprika

Arturo Sanchez Ibérico Salchichón

Hand-filled cured sausage with pepper

Montanegra Ibérico Chorizo

Made by hand from selected cuts of black Iberian pigs

Montanegra Ibérico Morcon

Large, cured smoked sausage


| Cheese |

La Tradicion Cured Manchego D.O.

Full-bodied, free-range sheep milk (P)

J. Aranburu Smoked Idiazabal

Basque cheese with ‘Latxa’ sheep raw milk (UnP)

Montbru Garrotxa

Buttery textured goat cheese (P)

Picos Blue Vega de Llos Valdeon IGP

Cow and goat milk blue cheese (P)

HM Queso de Oveja Semicurado

Cured sheep milk wrapped in rosemary leaves (P)

Vega Gourmet Queso De Oveja Trufdo

Black truffled sheeps milk from La Mancha (P)

The Drunken Goat – Montesinos Murcia al Vino DOP

Goat’s milk bathed in local red wine from Jumilla (P)

| Sides |

Sourdough, Oil, Balsamic (G) – 2.00

Mixed Olives – 2.50

Pickled Chillies – 2.50


Bar Snacks

Pork Scratchings – 1.30

Fried Broad Beans –  1.50

Toasted Giant Corn – 1.95

Fried Valencia Almonds – 2.95

Jamón Bites – 3.00

| Take home |


La Tradicion Cured Manchego D.O. 100g 2.30

J. Aranburu Smoked Idiazabal 100g 3.25

Montbru Garrotxa 100g 3.00

Picos Blue Vega de Llos Valdeon IGP 100g 2.00

HM Queso de Oveja Semicurado Rosemary 100g 2.00

Quesa De Oveja Trufado 100g 3.25

Quesa De Murcia Al Vino 100g 2.30

Gori de Muro Rosemary Cheese Biscuits 240g bag 2.75


Lolin Cantabrico Anchovies 50g tin 5.25

Arroyabe Mejllones en Escabeche (Mussels) 115g tin 4.00

Arroyabe Sardinas (Sardines) 115g tin 3.00

Arroyabe Tuna in Olive Oil 111g tin 3.40

Herpac Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil 125g tin 4.40

Arroyabe Cockles in Water 115g tin 7.50


Habas Fritas (Fried Broad Beans) 1kg bag 9.00

Toasted Giant Corn 1kg bag 12.00

Queen Valencia Almonds fried in Olive Oil 1kg bag 20.00

Cured meat

Montanegra Ibérico Cebo Jamón 100g 7.50

Cecina Nieto I.G.P 100g 5.50

Somalo Lomo Extra 100g 4.00

Arturo Sánchez Ibérico Salchichón 100g 3.60

Montanegra Ibérico Chorizo 100g 3.60

Montanegra Ibérico Morcon 100g 3.60


La Chianta Crab Pate 120g jar 3.75

La Chinata Black Pudding Pate with Pine Kernels 120g jar 3.75

La Chinatat Venison Pate with Pedro Ximenez 120g jar 3.75

La Chinata Black Olive Tapenade 180g jar 4.75


Pickled Chillies 750g jar 18.00

Navarro PX Balsamic Vinegar 15-year-old 375ml bottle 12.25

Queen of Truffels Black Truffle Oil 250ml bottle 7.50

| Wine |

| White |

Viura Blanco | Vega Roble | Castilla | Spain
Young and fruity and retains the grape`s natural aromatic freshness
3.75 | 4.75 | 5.75 | 16.50

Reserve Chardonnay | Saint Marc | Arzens | France
A well-crafted, fresh white from the South of France, with loads of ripe apple, pear and cream flavour
4.50 | 5.50 | 6.50 | 19.00

Pinot Grigio del Veneto | Rocca Estate | Veneto | Italy
Related to the Pinot Gris grape, this produces a dry, fuller, more floral style, with racy, balanced fruit
4.50 | 5.50 | 6.50 | 19.00

Sauvignon Blanc | Blackbird | Marlborough | NZ
Bursting with gooseberry, passion fruit, and grapefruit aromas from New Zealand’s oldest winery
5.75 | 6.75 | 7.75 | 22.65

| Rosé |

Pinot Grigio Rosato | Rocca Estate | Veneto | Italy
A fantastic, easy-drinking Pinot Grigio Rosato with a delicate pink colour and a light, floral aroma
4.50 | 5.50 | 6.50 | 19.00

| Red |

Tempranillo | Vega Roble | Castilla | Spain
Six months ageing in oak barrels. A medium-bodied, fruit driven wine
3.75 | 4.75 | 5.75 | 16.50

IGP Carcassonne Rouge | Domaine Auzias | Languedoc-Roussillon | France
Silky and smooth, powerful and rich yet retains delicacy and freshness, pairs well with charcuterie
5.25 | 6.25 | 7.25 | 20.85

Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier | Juno | South Africa
Medium-bodied red with delicious aromas of cassis, dark fruits flavours and bramble fruit with a touch of spice
5.25 | 6.25 | 7.25 | 20.85

Malbec | Santa Florentina | LaRioja | Argentina
Ruby red, round and fleshy with strong aromatic notes of red fruit, blackcurrants, strawberries and spices
5.50 | 6.50 | 7.50 | 21.55

| Prosecco |

Prosecco | 8 Secco Vintage | Veneto | Italy
Fresh aromas of fruit and flowers on the nose, with pears and sweet apples on the palate
750ml bottle 27.60 | 200ml bottle 8.55

| Gin |

| 4.00 25ml | 7.00 50ml | 2.00 Fever Tree Tonic |

| London Dry |

London Gin has been recognised as a special quality spirit by the European Union and the new definition was passed into EU law. The ethyl alcohol used to distill London Gin must be of a higher quality than the standard laid down for just ethyl alcohol. The flavourings used must all be approved natural flavourings and they must impart the flavour during the distillation process. No flavourings can be added after distillation. The resultant distillate must have a minimum strength of 70% abv. London Gin cannot be coloured. It can however, be made outside of London

Death’s Door | Wisconsin | USA
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic and lime

Ki No Bi | Kyoto | Japan
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic

Masons Yorkshire Gin | Bedale | England
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic and pink grapefruit

| Gin de Mahon |

The island of Menorca belonged to the British for most of the 18th century. The British sailors stationed there imported juniper berries to produce their favourite drink: gin. In the early part of the 20th century, on the initiative of a Menorcan family of craftsmen, the Xoriguer brand name was born

Gin Xoriguer | Menorca | Spain
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic and lemon

| Infused |

Flavour is added after the initial distillation process. Sweeter and more syrup-like than a classic gin. A great way of getting some intriguing flavours into the spirit

Sikkim Fraise | Bilbao | Spain
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic and strawberries

| Contemporary |

A modern creation to find a place for the styles pushing the boundaries of the what this remarkable spirit can be. Just as good quality as the London Dry style but either through choice or trying something new they are not classed as such

Batch Gin | Burnley | England
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic, crushed raspberries and lime peel

Bathtub Gin | Kent | England
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic and cinnamon

Gin Mare | Barcelona | Spain
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic, rosemary and olive

G’Vine Floraison | Cognac | France
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic and grapes

Northern Monk x Zymurgorium Infirmarian Leeds x Manchester | England
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic and grapefruit

Sir Robin of Locksley | Sheffield | England
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic and pink grapefruit peel

Tann’s | Barcelona | Spain
Served with: Fever-Tree tonic, raspberries and lemon peel

G – Contains Gluten | V – Vegetarian | P Pasteurised | UnP – Unpasteurised
Please advise us if you have any food allergies
As all the meats are hand sliced to order, there may be a wait at busy periods


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