It doesn’t seem like two minutes since the last one, but here we are again, Record Store Day is nearly upon us.

What started out as a small event in the US to help ailing independent record shops is now a global annual phenomenon, backed by the likes of the BBC, Jack White, Iggy Pop and Chuck D.

We’re delighted to be bringing the event to Bradford for the third year in a row, with the aim of making it the biggest and best yet.

This year we’ll have even more exclusive vinyl releases and we’ve teamed up with Saltaire’s Edward Street Bakery and Keir from Wilde Child Brewing Co to make sure you won’t go hungry or thirsty on the day.

We’ll also have our resident Thursday music quiz master Dave Glennister playing the pick of his favourite electro tunes on vinyl in the evening, and everyone’s favourite Bradford ska band Analog Bombs will be popping in to say hello.

So, the rules!

  • It’s strictly first come first served on the day. We won’t be taking any advanced orders and we can’t reserve anything. We’ll open at 8am, so you’ll have to set your alarm and get to the front on the queue!
  • Bring a list! The records won’t be out on the shelves, they’ll be behind the counter. We’ll serve people in the order they arrive in the queue (we’ll hand out numbers). Just hand us your list, and we’ll let you have the records. Bear in mind that we may not have large numbers of each release, so make sure you have plenty of backups should we have sold out.
  • It’s strictly one copy per customer too. This helps prevents reselling, which is very very naughty! -We’ll be updating the stock list over the next few days as we receive the records ourselves

Right, see you on Saturday, it’s going to be a great day!