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1LP – Limited edition 180g blue 12″ vinyl housed in gloss finish heavyweight board gatefold sleeve, includes a 12pg full size booklet and large foldout poster.

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, few artists possess the enduring influence and
innovative spirit of Paul Weller. A recording career that began in 1977 now takes in the release of his 17th
solo album and his 28th in total.
Weller has always demonstrated an unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries while staying
true to his roots. “66” promises to be no exception, offering a captivating journey through his continuing
musical evolution.
As the title and artwork by Sir Peter Blake (his first for Weller since 1995’s Stanley Road) indicates, Paul
Weller’s new album marks the completion of his 66th journey around the sun and is released on May 24th
– the day before his 66th birthday.
“66” is quite a reflective and inward thinking album that pulls back the camera lens and shines a light on
the way Weller’s creativity interacts with his wider world.
Continually finding new ways to alchemise the miracle of living and the meaning of it all, he draws on
fragments of real life, ruminations on spirituality and even childhood memories. There are songs touching
on faith, changing circumstances and the fractured realities of life in this turbulent age . But ”66” is positive
at heart, bursting with the wisdom and perspective accrued by the business of someone who has really
lived and loved
The 12 songs on “66” were worked up in Weller’s Black Barn studio over the course of three years with a
host of guest musicians. In the recent past, Paul has been an enthusiastic collaborator, but “66” feels
like the most fully-realised celebration of that process. Here, there are lyrical contributions from an
esteemed roll-call including Suggs, Noel Gallagher and Bobby Gillespie (“Ship Of Fools”, “Jumble
Queen” and “Soul Wondering” respectively). “66” also sees the co-writing return of Erland Cooper and
duo White Label, and string arrangements from Hannah Peel. Additionally, there are two collaborations
with French producer and recording artist Christophe Vaillant (Le Superhomard, while acclaimed
Brooklyn trio Say She She add vocals to “In Full Flight”. Peppered throughout the album are turns from
an array of old friends including Dr Robert, Richard Hawley, Steve Brooks and Max Beesley.
As a taster, the first track to be released from “66” is the chunky percussive groove of “Soul Wondering”
which will be available on all digital platforms on February 23rd.
April 5th will see the first single proper to emerge from the record. “Rise Up Singing” is a perfect
microcosm of what awaits new and old fans alike: a sustained sunburst of soul and spirituality.
“66” is set to be a landmark addition to Paul Weller’s illustrious discography, further solidifying his status as
one of the defining artists of his or any other generation.

“66” Track-listing:
Ship of Fools
Flying Fish
Jumble Queen
My Best Friend’s Coat
Rise Up Singing
I Woke Up
A Glimpse of You
Sleepy Hollow
In Full Flight
Soul Wandering
Burn Out

Produced by Paul Weller
My Best Friend’s Coat / A Glimpse of You – produced by Christophe Vaillant
In Full Flight – produced by Weller / White Label
Burn Out – produced by Weller / Charles Rees