Laugh Like a Bomb

Baba Ali


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Beverly Hills’ Pink coloured vinyl LP

Anglo American duo Baba Ali return with their second album, ‘Laugh Like A Bomb’, set for release via Memphis Industries.
Having previously collaborated with Al Doyle (LCD Soundsystem / Hot Chip) on their debut album, this time the duo absconded to Doyle’s studio in his own touring absence and took to production duties themselves. ‘Laugh Like A Bomb’ was recorded in just three weeks, before being mixed by Sheffield producer Ross Orton (Working Men’s Club / Arctic Monkeys / MIA).
“I think a lot of the process of writing this album came from pushing ourselves to our limits to get to the essential idea, and discarding anything that felt superfluous or unnecessary,” explains Baba. “There was a lot of writing, re-writing, deleting, re-recording and then just repeating that process again. A lot of times the best idea would come out of that final push when you’re too exhausted to even think and you rely on feeling.”
Returning following the release of their debut ‘Memory Device’ in 2020, and 18 months of touring across Europe and the US with the likes of Yard Act and Chk Chk Chk, Baba Ali have created an incendiary follow up with one foot firmly placed on the dancefloor, the other in a state of constant frenzy.
‘Laugh Like A Bomb’ showcases anxious synths and scratchy guitars that collide with concrete drum hits, pulsing bass and Baba’s snarly vocals, in a 40 minute collection that explores feelings of unease, abandon and desire, as well as explorations into the more sinister.


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Laugh Like A Bomb
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